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DNA news stories on NewserWed Jan 22 07:30:34 EST 2020

40 Years Later, Headless Torso Found in Cave Identified
The headless torso that was found in a remote Idaho cave 40 years ago has finally been identified as belonging to an outlaw who killed his wife with an ax and was last seen after escaping from jail in 1916, the AP reports. Clark County Sheriff Bart May said Tuesday...

Pizza Hut's Door Meets Robber's Face
A locked door in a New Mexico Pizza Hut may have helped bust an armed robber who pulled off two crimes in one day back in June. The Las Cruces Sun-News has video from June 25, showing a man trying to run out of the Las Cruces restaurant about 10:...

For 12 Years, She Was Known Only as Lavender Doe
She was given the name "Lavender Doe" by a stranger—a commenter on a true-crimes website that recounted the slim details of the young woman's case. She was found dead, her body on fire, on Oct. 29, 2006, near Longview, Texas. She was at most 25, blond, and had teeth...

Cops: Serial Rapists Who Struck in 1990s Found With Genealogy
Police say two serial rapists have been caught—one in California and one in South Carolina—thanks to genetic genealogy. Giles Daniel Warrick, accused of sexually assaulting 10 women and killing one in Washington, DC, and Maryland in the 1990s, was arrested last week in Conway, SC, after authorities connected...

'What Does It Mean?' Remains Identified After 4 Decades, but Mystery Lingers
For almost 40 years, the body discovered at Fly Creek near Amboy, Washington, in 1980 was known simply as "Fly Creek Jane Doe." But then investigators uploaded DNA from the skeletal remains to a public genetic genealogy database. The move ultimately led them to a cousin of Sandra Renee Morden,...

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