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'I feel that tip is out there': Drawing created from DNA breathes hope into unsolved Federal Way ...
“Hopefully someone will recognize him, and it'll generate the right tip and we can retire for good,” Jensen said Friday during a round of media interviews to publicize the results of the latest DNA analysis. “I'd definitely like to see it (solved) in my lifetime,” said Detective Jim Allen, who inherited the case in ...

New Hope for Adoptees Searching for Biological Family
As luck and technological advances would have it, we may now find the answers to those questions. There are experts in the field of “searching for biological family” and “searching for birth parents” like the business www.adopteesearchfriends.com. With the use of the internet, vast databases, DNA and ...

Solon pushes for PH DNA database system
7215 which seeks to institutionalize a national forensic DNA database called the Philippine DNA Database System. Barbers said the proposed DNA database would help “solve crimes faster, locate missing persons, identify remains, and establish paternity and other family relationships.” The database ...

Robert Mueller and his pursuit of justice
(CNN) In the early 1990s, Robert Mueller had just left one of the most powerful posts in America's criminal justice system: assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the Department of Justice. Taking his experience into private practice, he was making well into six figures at a high-profile ...

Would You Test Your Newborn's DNA for 193 Genetic Diseases?
A testing package called Natalis will screen infants for a total of 193 diseases. The product is from Sema4, a health information company that offers advanced genome-based diagnostics. While some may delight in access to this data, experts question whether it could lead to confusion for families, as well ...

New DNA technology might solve Federal Way cold case
"(The suspect) took somebody's life. This person devastated a family-- you took away future memories, future experiences that would have enriched our lives." Since day one, the King County Sheriff's Office had eyewitnesses and a DNA profile from evidence at the scene, but investigators are missing a ...

Cold case: DNA, technology reveals new suspect images in '91 Federal Way murder of teen
On Friday investigators released new suspect composite sketches that could break the case wide open, and help bring some kind of closure to the family who have spent decades wondering and waiting. A lot has changed since Sarah's body was dumped near Federal Way High School. There's a new ...

UNSOLVED: A family looking for answers after 4 decades, a killer still possibly on the loose
DNA could be the key to closure for the Davis family. Roy and his wife had four children who remember him as a family man, veteran, and a business owner. Though his kids wish that their dad could have been around to see them grow up and begin families of their own, closure would be a step in the ...

Toscano fights for full misdemeanor DNA sampling legislation
Charlottesville Delegate David Toscano says the bill passed the House nearly two weeks ago requiring DNA sampling of assault and battery, assault and battery of a family member, and trespassing. The bill went on to the Senate, where it was passed… but not before an amendment stripped out ...

Friends Of Falmouth Dogs - February 23, 2018
With cattle dog in her DNA, she will likely be raring to go for years. We suspect she ... in their foster home. The family reports that they are incredibly sweet and have no negatives to their personalities. ... Because they are older and well bonded, we are looking for one family to adopt them both. Adoption ...

Supporters of Tina Fontaine's family march in Winnipeg to support her family
WINNIPEG — Hundreds marched through the streets of Winnipeg on Friday in support of the family of a 15-year-old Indigenous girl whose body was wrapped in a blanket and dumped in a river. The three-block-long march began in front of the courthouse and wound its way to the spot at the Red River ...

Sonoma teen Tyler Sievers discovers 20 half-siblings
It uses DNA extracted from saliva to build family trees. It's peppy advertising campaign features customers finding their unique happy endings: “Holy crow! I'm related to George Washington!!” and “So I traded in my lederhosen for a kilt!” The service costs $99, and has sequenced the DNA of millions of ...

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