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Three decades after she left her baby for dead, police knocked on her door. She had been waiting.
Police had worked with forensic genealogists to analyze the DNA of the ... police that she had found another of the mother's distant family members.

Editorial: DNA and DuPage County: How shaking family trees should solve more murder cases
On Monday, DuPage County authorities revealed that an amazing investigative technique has implicated Bruce Lindahl in the 1976 sexual assault ...

'Korea should create DNA banks for overseas adoptees'
'Korea should create DNA banks for overseas adoptees' ... government to set up a DNA database for overseas Korean adoptees and their birth family.

Aransas Pass woman gets more family for Christmas
Aransas Pass woman gets more family for Christmas ... possible thanks to Keli's daughter, who did the digging using Google and a DNA website.

Healthy Headlines: Four common myths about genetic testing and why they are not accurate
The more we understand the family, the more you can proactively do to ... To find the one that best fits your needs, please or call ...

Family of cold case victims wonders why KCPD has not used a new DNA technique
Family of cold case victims wonders why KCPD has not used a new DNA ... KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) The murder victim's family, Fawn Cox, ...

Family of cold case victim questions why KCPD has't used new DNA technique
KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) The family of murder victim Fawn Cox questions why it's taking Kansas City police so long to figure out how to pay for ...

Claremont killer trial LIVE: Critical fingernail DNA evidence was collected in the presence of now ...
Prosecutor Bradley Hollingsworth has revealed a small part of Ciara's hair sample was washed and returned to her family, similar to what was done "in ...

Day 2 of hearing to suppress evidence in Michelle Martinko murder case
Last week's hearing established how Burns' DNA was linked to a stain ... GEDmatch, which was used to find Burns' family through DNA connection.

DNA Doe Project: The nonprofit helping solve cold cases
WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas Recently, nonprofit organization DNA ... it obviously helps brings some answers to the family of what happened to ...

Family offering reward in 4-year unsolved murder of Clinton Township couple
Family offering reward in 4-year unsolved murder of Clinton Township couple ... Burns says they're working with the FBI and still testing DNA thanks to ...

Supreme Court to rule on State appeal over meaning of 'child'
The outcome has implications for many people seeking family reunification ... The Minister was also reasonably entitled to require the DNA test as it ...

Family of Andrea Knabel, missing Louisville mother, to hold vigil for families in crisis
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- DNA tests have revealed that a body found in the Delaware River outside of Philadelphia was not Andrea Knabel, ...

Team Uncovers Major New Truths About the Legendary Giant Squid
The scientists extracted DNA for this analysis from a single giant squid, also known by the scientific name Architeuthis du. ... Unique to cephalopods, reflectins are a gene family present in the giant squid's genome that can help to ...

Genealogy site data helps authorities identify suspected rapist in Albuquerque
Now, through newly accessible genealogy site data, the DNA was processed again. This time, the results can also show relatives who share that DNA.

7 killed, 14 tortured in Panama exorcism terror rituals
"They searched this family out to hold a ritual and they massacred them, ... plastic zip ties that were later found to have Jennifer Dulos' DNA on them.

Authorities identify suspected rapist using genealogy site
In April 2018, California authorities announced they used publicly available commercial genealogy sites, where users submit their DNA to find family ...

'Living fossil' may upend basic tenet of evolutionary theory
... of C. neoformans had two enzymes that controlled DNA methylation. ... and its closest relatives the only species alive today known to have DNA ...

New DNA evidence links Kenosha County John Doe case to small American Indian tribe
Kenosha County Medical Examiner Patrice Hall said new DNA testing ... Although the database did not link the man to any close relatives, his DNA ...

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