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Why Elizabeth Warren Abandoned Her Native-American Story
You can't just say, “I have high cheekbones,” or refer to stories your grandparents told you, or take a DNA test. Ultimately, this defined legal status is ...

2020 Election: THIS is the Democrat Trump would most like to run against
... to the Native American controversy that has followed Warren since 2012, Trump goaded Warren into releasing the results of her DNA test last fall.

Virginia Lab uses genetic genealogy to help solve violent crimes
“Once DNA testing became routine I can imagine these people probably worked very hard to make sure they never committed a crime that would ...

Trump Mocks Warren With Apparent Reference to Trail of Tears, Which Killed Thousands
... Democrat of Massachusetts, for her claims to Native American ancestry, again ... to the Cherokee Nation for taking a DNA test to prove her ancestry.).

Warren: Trump 'May Not Even Be Free Person' by 2020 Presidential Election
Warren has come under fire for previously having identified herself as Native American and releasing a DNA test showing possible Native American ...

Local Jewish residents learn more about their ancestry
Iris Broudy fromThe Society told 22News online DNA testing has raised more curiosity about genealogy, "More and more people want to know where ...

Editorial: Native Americans should not be used in partisan fighting
According to a DNA test taken by Warren this past fall, she has Native American ancestry that dates back six to 10 generations, making her just ...

Elizabeth Warren says Trump 'may not even be a free man' in 2020, on first day of campaign
Ms Warren released DNA test results last year showing she had genes consistent with having distant Native American relatives. The testing rollout ...

Cherokee Nation Citizen and Expert Destroys Warren on MSNBC: She 'Has Zero Cherokee Ancestry'
“The only evidence she has is this race-based science of a DNA test which you cannott use to lay claim to any tribe or any relationship to any tribe, and ...

Elizabeth Warren Claps Back At Donald Trump, Says He 'May Not Even Be A Free Person' By The ...
... and continued the attacks after Warren released the results of a DNA test showing that she did have distant Native American ancestry. The DNA test ...

Liz Cheney Gives Donald Trump A Pass On Native American Genocide Jokes
Earlier this month, Warren personally apologized to the Cherokee Nation for the DNA test debacle and having identified herself as Native American.

Warren goes after Trump in Iowa speech
... come under fire for previously identifying herself as Native American, and releasing a DNA test showing she has possible Native American ancestry.

Robe Lowe Faces Backlash For Racist Joke About 'Chief' Elizabeth Warren
She also recently took a DNA test to prove her heritage, which the Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin, Jr. described as “useless” and ...

In his DNA: How one adoptee's DNA test helped uncover his birth family
THOMPSON, N.D.—Though he was adopted, Steve Drees never felt the impulse to find his biological parents. A Thompson resident, he had lived a ...

Elizabeth Warren should be disbarred for claiming 'American Indian' race on official document ...
Nevertheless, Warren's attempts to defuse the ensuing bipartisan criticism -- including her decision to take a DNA test last year -- have largely ...

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