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Worried about Facebook privacy? Don't forget ancestry sites share your info, too | Opinion
Read more: An ancestry test taught me about myself, but can it get my kid a free education? But Facebook isn't the only firm that puts users' privacy at risk. Some genetic testing companies like Invitae, 23andMe, and AncestryDNA do too — and the consequences of irresponsibly sharing DNA data are far ...

Benefits and Risks of Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing for Cancer
Proponents of direct-to-consumer genetic testing (DTCGT) acknowledge that it enables individuals to pursue testing independently and without interference from a healthcare professional.1 Genetic testing may help people better understand health risks and motivate them to engage in a healthier ...

ToolBox Genomics Launches Expanded Suite of DNA-based Products to Support Consumer ...
Using its own test allows TBG to evaluate an expanded list of biomarkers – beyond what is available through 23andMe and Ancestry.com – that make up the body's genetic blueprint. It also allows TBG to offer their products to customers who may not have completed a 23andMe or Ancestry.com test.

Body of unidentified woman to be exhumed in Waupun
Sheriff's officials say forensic anthropologists will examine the remains of "Jane Doe" using techniques that weren't available when her body was found. Through chemical isotope analysis, investigators may learn where the woman lived and her approximate age. DNA testing can determine eye, skin and ...

Jeffrey Modell Foundation and X4 Pharmaceuticals to Sponsor First Genetic Screening Study for ...
The objective of the collaborative study is to establish a systematic diagnostic approach for WHIM by combining clinical features and genetic testing. Currently WHIM patients are seen by a diverse group of medical specialists and often go undiagnosed or are broadly classified as patients with primary ...

Blockchain meets genetic testing: DNAtix raising $30m
DNAtix, which makes it possible to use blockchain to pay for genetic tests, aims to raise $30 million in cryptocurrency in an ICO. Blockchain was the latest fashion two months ago, while the human genome was the latest fashion 20 years ago. DNAtix wants to combine these two fashions in what it hopes ...

How DNA testing has unlocked the secrets of the past for thousands of people
Growing up in Juneau, Alaska, Kyle Betit recalls how his fascination with genealogy grew from watching his own grandmother research ancestors and contact relatives from all over the world in their local library. At the age of nine, Betit began to make his own revelations and research - which eventually ...

Technology fires up cold case
Over the past year, detectives worked with Parabon NanoLabs, a forensic DNA analysis service that specializes in phenotyping. Technicians use DNA evidence from the case to predict physical appearance and ancestry and generate a “snapshot” composite sketch that includes eye color, skin color, hair ...

Fond du Lac County's 'Jane Doe' will be exhumed, new reconstruction released
WAUPUN – Nearly 10 years after the body of an unidentified woman was found in a frozen creek in the town of Ashford, authorities will exhume the remains for scientific testing. The body, known as "Jane Doe," was kept in the Fond du Lac County morgue for three years before it was laid to rest at ...

Jane Doe's remains to be exhumed in hopes of identification
The goal is to give forensic anthropologists another attempt at examining her remains. The Sheriff's Office will use chemical analysis on her bones to get historical data that could lead them to geographic regions where Jane Doe resided. DNA testing will also be employed to find ancestry, eye color, hair ...

Fond du Lac County sheriff to exhume Jane Doe remains found in 2008; new image released
Furthermore, the Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office will be facilitating chemical isotope analysis on her bones which could provide historical data that could lead us to geographic regions where Jane Doe may have previously resided. Additional testing such as DNA phenotyping may also be performed.

Fresh and invigorated content will center on research and discoveries spanning from the days of early ancestry, to modern-day characteristics, to the ... The central theme that guides the exhibit is that the “story of you begins with your ancestors; it travels through your DNA; it is held in your hands; ...

This popular DNA kit is at its lowest price of the year right now
People are dying to know their actual ancestry and maybe find a long-lost family member. In general, these kits are pretty fun and can give you some nifty facts about who you are, but they can also be a bit pricey. Luckily, as part of DNA Day (a national holiday?), AncestryDNA is at its lowest price of the ...

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