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DNA news stories on NewserSun Apr 22 07:30:54 EDT 2018

FBI Solves the Mystery of an Ancient Severed Head
It has to rank among the less usual undertakings doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital had attempted: In 2009 they removed a molar from a severed Egyptian mummy's head via an endoscope with grasping forceps they inserted through the neck. The tooth was a hopeful clue in a nearly century-old mysteryŚ...

Left in a Bush, She Uncovered Her Parents 80 Years Later
It's a seemingly unsolvable mystery that has been solved, partially, some eight decades later: What were the origins of a 9-month-old girl abandoned, with her hands tied in front of her, in a blackberry bush in Worthing, England? That Anthea Ring survived is thanks to Margaret Dodd, a British mother...

Humans Mated Outside Our Species 3 Times
Ancient humans weren't against knocking boots with other species: We know they had sex with Neanderthals . We also know they mated with the mysterious Denisovans, as some Australasians (those from Papua New Guinea in particular) have 5% Denisovan DNA. But a "breakthrough" study shows the interbreeding wasn't limited to those...

They Had the Same DNA. Then One Spent a Year in Space
NASA is pointing to the "stresses of space travel" as the factor behind a fascinating phenomenon involving the only pair of identical twin astronauts in history. Per Live Science , even though Scott and Mark Kelly once boasted the same DNA makeup, Scott's nearly yearlong trip on the International Space Station...

Police Have New Tool to Find Mom of Baby Left in Dumpster
On Christmas Eve, a newborn girl was found dead in a dumpster in a Calgary parking lot. Police are still looking for her mother, and now they have a sketch of the woman or girl, thanks to a process known as DNA phenotyping, the CBC reports. The Canadian authorities hired...

'Cheddar Man's' DNA Reveals Surprise About Early Brits
Think of a stereotypical Brit and you may imagine a pale cast member from Downton Abbey . A new study, however, shows early modern Brits from 10,000 years ago, who migrated from Europe over a land bridge into England, may not have been quite as pale as many of their...

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