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Police Taking Cadaver Dogs to 'House of Horrors,' Testing Victims' DNA
As the investigation into the Turpin family's “House of Horrors” continues, detectives are facing the grim possibility that some of David and Louise's children may not have survived. They are considering bringing cadaver dogs into the home to search for remains. According to Crime Watch Daily, ...

Turpin family: Police may bring in dogs to search for bodies in house where children 'tortured' by ...
Crime Watch Daily, a syndicated news show broadcast in multiple states across America, also reported that investigators were considering carrying out DNA tests on the Turpin children to check if they were all related, citing sources close to the case. The Sheriff's Department in Riverside County and the ...

Turpin family – Cops 'plan to use cadaver dogs to check for bodies at family home' amid fears ...
COPS probing the Turpin family are planning to use cadaver dogs to search the family home for bodies, according to reports. David Turpin, 57, and wife Louise, 49, were arrested after one of their 13 kids escaped and told cops of the shocking mistreatment the siblings were allegedly suffering at the ...

Families of Kasur rape-murder victims implore SC to give them justice
“The DNA tests of 21 million people will have to be conducted if the investigations continue in this way,” the bench said. When asked by the chief justice, Zainab's family showed their satisfaction over the performance of a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing the case. “We pray that the team is ...

Parents of 8 girls raped and murdered in Kasur appear before SC seeking justice
"The DNA tests of 21 million people will have to be conducted if the investigations continue in this way," the bench said. The chief justice told Zainab's family that they should inform the court of any complaints they may have. "The JIT is doing satisfactory work," the family members responded. "We pray ...

Uncovering theirFAMILY ROOTS
But most of those test takers lack Phipps' expertise in tracing family roots. Phipps is a former president of the Wabash Valley Genealogy Society and frequent public speaker on how to use DNA test results as a tool in researching a family tree. He's noticed the renewed popularity of genealogy, thanks to ...

Rape-murder accused killed by police may be innocent
LAHORE (Pakistan) • A Pakistani man killed by police after being accused of murdering a child now appears to be innocent, according to DNA ... Police and Iman's family had thought that her case had been solved - but now the family believe the real killer is still on the loose and that Mudasir was ...

Blind teen meets the woman who saved his life 15 years ago: 'It was beautiful'
After her entire family took Ancestry DNA tests — an activity Dones chose to do to celebrate her birthday — she was one step closer to meeting the woman who saved her son's life 15 years ago. “It was cool to compare the breakdown with me and my twin brothers,” Dones recalled to ABC News. “I'm 38 ...

Emotional moment baby saved from Vietnam orphanage in daring 1975 rescue mission is reunited ...
Le Thi Anh, 64, explained she had fallen ill at the end of the war and while she was in hospital her desperate family had handed him over to nuns without ... It took Vance 18 months to steel himself to submit 20 strands of the woman's hair for DNA testing because he was equally scared of either outcome.

Police killed innocent man in Kasur child abuse case a year ago, reveals BBC probe
Police working on the investigation into Zainab's murder have discovered DNA traces matching those found in seven other attacks on young girls in the same city. Out of the seven attack victims, four – including Iman – were murdered. Until now, police and Iman's family thought her case had already ...

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