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New DNA Analysis is Cracking Cold Cases Across the Country
This new way to use DNA to track down killers or suspects in violent cold-case crimes is so new, law enforcement agencies across the country are ...

Grabill man formally charged with murder, felony child molesting in April Tinsley case
DNA profiling and research by genetic genealogy expert CeCe Moore allegedly identified two brothers as potential suspects in case, a probable ...

Indiana Man Accused in 1988 Child Slaying, Sexual Assault
Police say they used DNA evidence and genealogy data to track Miller down. April's mother, Janet Tinsley, is planning to push prosecutors to seek the ...

Police won't say if 1988 Indiana cold case suspect linked to 2017 Delphi murders of two teenage ...
Miller became a suspect in Tinsley's death after his name turned up during familial DNA testing, which analyzes DNA samples with public genealogy ...

Police won't say if 1988 Indiana cold case suspect linked to 2017 Delphi murders of two teenage girls
Authorities found DNA evidence on Tinsley's body, but couldn't find a match. In 1990, police discovered a cryptic message written in pencil or crayon ...

This Small Forensics Company Is Suddenly Cracking Cold Cases
The Virginia company makes use of high-tech DNA analysis, traditional genealogy and online ancestry databases. It's found matches about 60 ...

How genealogy tourism is helping people connect with their ancestors
and DNA tests. Betit expects the trend to continue. "The TV shows make people yearn for the stories of their ancestors, rather than just names and ...

Prosecutor in 1988 killing hails genealogy databases
FORT WAYNE — An Indiana prosecutor is crediting genealogy databases with ... A genetic genealogist used publicly available genealogy database ...

Police Capture Alleged Child-Killer Who Taunted Them for Decades
Forensic Genealogy is one of those things that seems so obvious the moment you learn about it—obvious since consumer DNA tests became ...

'Start Here': What you need to know about Trump's Helsinki clarification; Indiana cold case murder
DNA and genealogy has cracked yet another cold case, this time in Indiana where a man accused of killing an 8-year-old in 1988 was arrested this ...

How a small forensics company unleashed a flood of cold-case arrests
The pain and frustration grew over the years, as the killer left taunting notes — and more DNA evidence. Willing to try just about anything, police in ...

Ozarks Genealogical Society conference to be Sept. 15
The Ozarks Genealogical Society recently announced the 38th annual fall conference, “Climbing Your Tree with DNA.” The conference will be Sept.

Latest Updates And News About The Murder Of 1st Grader April Tinsley — And The Man Finally ...
Investigators matched DNA from the evidence he left to April's crime scene and confirmed the murderer and the person sending these notes were one ...

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