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Solon pushes for PH DNA database system
Ace Barbers has filed House Bill No. 7215 which seeks to institutionalize a national forensic DNA database called the Philippine DNA Database System. Barbers said the proposed DNA database would help “solve crimes faster, locate missing persons, identify remains, and establish paternity and other ...

Experts: Crime labs come with built-in bias, shifting science
In real life, the staples of crime scene TV shows — in fact, most forensic evidence other than human DNA — are viewed by scientists as anything from potentially fallible to pure hokum. Many once-solid fields were debunked in a groundbreaking 2009 report by the National Academy of Sciences, entitled: ...

Premchai's DNA found on a gun seized at his jungle camp
Forensic police found Premchai Karnasuta's DNA on the hammer of the double-barrel shotgun seized from his jungle camp in Thung Yai Naresuan ... the trigger than killed the black panther, said Pol Maj-Gen Thawatchai Mekprasertsook, commander of the Central Police Forensic Science Division, ...

Man indicted in Drury murder case
Forensic evidence and a DNA database have led a Camden County grand jury to indict a convicted criminal, who is serving life without parole, in the 2013 murder of Emily Drury. Theron Morrell Hendrix, 25, was indicted Feb. 22 for malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and first-degree ...

Democrats And Republicans Work Together In The Idaho Legislature
In a Feb. 17, 2016 photo, the Idaho State Police Forensic Services lab tests for DNA samples. A new bill would affect who pays for the medical forensic exam that gathers evidence for a ... One of them deals with who pays for the medical forensic exam that gathers the evidence in sexual assault cases.

CoastLine: Childhood Trauma Can Change DNA, Adult Health Outcomes; Building Resilience Is Key
CoastLine: Childhood Trauma Can Change DNA, Adult Health Outcomes; Building Resilience Is Key ... Julie Ozier is the Clinical Services and Forensic Interviewing Supervisor for the Carousel Center, an organization that provides critical services to victims of child abuse in southeastern North Carolina.

Advances in Bioanalytical Techniques Help Unravel Crime from Traces of Evidence
The most publicized forensic technique is DNA fingerprinting, which can be used to eliminate or further incriminate potential suspects from a police enquiry. The truth is that this represents just the tip of the iceberg. Forensic laboratories have a wealth of analytical methodologies at their disposal and, with ...

Rapid guilty verdict in Marong murder trial
She said this continued after the killing when he cleaned his vehicle to remove DNA evidence and carried out internet searches on whether setting a body on fire removed DNA evidence. Forensic clinical psychologist Ghazi Metoui found that Marong reported a settled mental state over the period ...

Somalia's first forensic lab targets rape impunity
Lab technician Fadumo Jama Yousuf at the Puntland Forensic Center — a new weapon against Somalia's rape epidemic. Image: AFP/Mohamed Abdiwahab. The new freezers at Somalia's only forensic laboratory can store thousands of DNA samples, although for now there are just five. The big hope is ...

New ID NIMBUS® from Hamilton Robotics Automates Verogen's ForenSeq™ DNA Signature Prep ...
(February 23, 2018) — Hamilton Robotics introduces the ID NIMBUS® assay ready workstation, specifically pre-configured and qualified to automate post-PCR sample processing using the well-known ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit from Verogen. Forensic laboratories of any size, and especially ...

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