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Grandmother of new lord of the manor shuns £50 million mansion for family home on Cornish estate
Her grandson is Jordan Adlard who aged 31 used a DNA test to prove he was ... A close family friend said: “Jordan said he wanted to speak to his dad.

Dad who inherited £50 million manor says 'I belong here' as DNA proves who he is
Jordan - the son of Charles Rogers, last in line of a family that lived in the ... Struggling care worker inherits £50m estate after DNA test proves he's ...

Who killed Jenny Lin? Castro Valley teen remembered 25 years after her murder
Friends and family honored her at a memorial service. ... "We're looking at mitochondrial DNA, and looking at extracting DNA from items we have an ...

Lost Montana WWII war hero to be buried over Memorial Day weekend
A DNA and forensic test brought him back to his home in the Gallatin Valley, ... "The family never really spoke about him -- a little bit -- as adults it's a ...

Family greets WWII sailor from Athens, returned home for burial
This process of identifying his remains started in 2011 when some of Ed's family was asked to give DNA samples. The next step took seven years, ...

World War II veteran's remains finally back home in Athens
When DNA testing identified him last year the family also learned he didn't suffer, "he did not last very long from the time he was injured," said Gross.

Family Welcome Home Officer Dante S. Tini After 77 Years
DULUTH, Minn.- Dante S. Tini was 19 when he was killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Thanks to recent DNA testing, the Virginia, ...

Update: Dante Tini to be laid to rest after 77 years
Radioman 3rd Class Dante Sylvester Tini returned to his family late ... Maki and her older sister, Rachel Bauer, gave their DNA to be compared to ...

Ramsey Street rapes victim describes assault on 'Dr. Phil' show
She said by comparing a rape suspect's DNA to DNA that of others who submitted to geneology services to track their family tree. When she finds ...

New DNA mugshot technology could help solve 30-year-old murder case
They are hoping to get a DNA mugshot of the man who raped and killed 16-year-old ... The family has even offered to pay for DNA testing themselves.

Texas Woman Claims To Be Tionda Bradley, Who Went Missing With Her Sister 18 Years Ago On ...
Pastor Paul Jakes, who's served as a spokesperson for the family over the ... Bradley-Clark says investigators are ordering an expedited DNA test to ...

The illegitimate son of an aristocrat raised in gypsy caravans who underwent a nailbiting DNA ...
It wasn't the array of swords all bearing the family crest or the cabinet ... bloodline was only revealed following a DNA test after his father's death. In this ...

Whatcom jury finds Timothy Bass guilty of murdering Mandy Stavik
Staviks' family held hands as the verdict was read. Also in the courtroom were Kim Wagner, Bass' coworker who obtained DNA evidence; Rick Zender, ...

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