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Violent thug who posted naked prison pics after racist killing is back behind bars
Ms Lyons said: “DNA analysis of an odd grey sock in the pillowcase found DNA from the accused.” ... Police were forced to apologise to the San family after an inquiry found they had failed to treat the death as a race attack.

Supporters of Rodney Reed write letters calling for clemency
DNA evidence was present in each case. "That stuff ... The Reed family also believes ex-cop Jimmy Fennell, Stites' former fiancé, is the culprit. Fennell ...

Cancer survivor reunited with life-saving donor after their DNA matches online
CHICAGO — A cancer survivor's emotional reunion with the young donor who helped save her life was only possible because of the popularity of DNA ...

Cancer survivor meets family that donated umbilical cord that saved her life. 'We're connected ...
When Becker and Dania Davey each submitted their saliva in their AncestryDNA kits, Becker's DNA registered as Patrick Davey's, not her own.

Oregon man arrested after DNA links him to 1978 rape and murder of 16-year-old Alaska teen ...
Connolly was reported missing by her family after they heard about a murder in local media. Her body was discovered by a group of tourists.

Uyinene's family not ready to sue
Uyinene's uncle Vuyani Mrwetyana said on Sunday: “At this stage, we have not sat down as a family after the funeral, so allow me to say no comment ...

Guiding a privileged journey
We think it's important for these kinds of stories to be recorded, as otherwise parts of a family's psychological DNA can be lost. Knowing how relatives ...

Genealogy gathering set in Ripley
Briggs will share stories, information, and details about the various DNA sources available. Guests are invited to bring their DNA results and family tree ...

Family of 'Lavender Doe' hold funeral in Longview
... a solemn observance at White Cemetery in Longview, attended by Gregg County sheriffs personnel, and Florida members of Dana Dodd's family.

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