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DNA news stories on NewserTue Nov 12 07:30:32 EST 2019

'What Does It Mean?' Remains Identified After 4 Decades, but Mystery Lingers
For almost 40 years, the body discovered at Fly Creek near Amboy, Washington, in 1980 was known simply as "Fly Creek Jane Doe." But then investigators uploaded DNA from the skeletal remains to a public genetic genealogy database. The move ultimately led them to a cousin of Sandra Renee Morden,...

New Search for Answers in a 1944 Tragedy
The two women have lain unidentified in a Connecticut cemetery for more than seven decades, but now authorities hope to prove one of them is Grace Fifield. On Monday, the state medical examiner exhumed the bodies of the women, both of whom died in an infamous 1944 circus fire in...

Trump Has New Plan for Migrants' DNA
The Trump administration is planning to expand the collection of DNA from migrants who cross US borders, and to include the information in a massive criminal database operated by the FBI, the AP reports. The effort is separate from and much broader than the rapid DNA testing done on families...

8K Rape Kits Were Finally Tested. Nearly a Quarter Had a 'Hit'
Officials in Florida have finally made headway with a huge backlog of the state's rape kits, and out of the thousands that have been tested over the past four years or so, a significant number of "hits" have emerged from a DNA database. The Tallahassee Democrat and Orlando Sentinel report...

DNA Samples From Loch Ness Lead to One 'Plausible' Theory
Scientists failed to find Nessie in a study of Scotland's Loch Ness—but they did come up with a possible explanation for more than 1,000 reported sightings of the mythical monster, including 14 this year, per the Mirror . Unfortunately, we don't yet know the details. The findings, to be...

Cold-Case Murder Revived by Simple Job Application
A 21-year-old cold case has come to life over—of all things—a job application, the Washington Post reports. Sondra Better, 68, was stabbed to death while working at a Florida consignment shop in 1998, her wounded hands suggesting a fight for her life. The killer left a trail of...

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