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Checked your genetic profile lately? It may have changed.
With more than 30 years of experience in family history and the world's largest consumer DNA network, Ancestry says it gives people the best tools to ...

Ancestry Tests Come Back Saying Identical Twins Have Different DNA
Ancestry tests are becoming increasingly popular with more and more people eager to discover their heritage. But the science can be somewhat ...

23andMe May Soon Offer A Test For A Colorectal Cancer Gene, After FDA Approval
The new test would screen customers' DNA for two genetic variants linked with MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP), a rare and inherited condition ...

Neanderthal Ancestry in Europeans Unchanged for Last 45000 Years
Scientists have previously suggested Neanderthal DNA was gradually ... published last week in PNAS, reports that Neanderthal ancestry in Europe ...

Will the Church Honor Native American Kinship?
She made the announcement not long after she released the results of her DNA test in order to prove something to Trump, who, by mocking her ...

Danny Dyer has royal ancestors how likely is it you do too?
Other well documented descendants of the House who are alive today have taken a DNA test to identify genetic markers unique to the Stewart family ...

Latham: At least I wasn't raised in a barn
Then I got back the results from my DNA tests and, well, no, it wasn't ... My ancestry is much as anyone looking at me might think it to be: English, Irish, ...

No Shoes, Please: Deceiving looks
Last year, I decided to indulge my curiosity and bought an Ancestry DNA kit. I couldn't guess how much Chinese blood I actually had, but I thought it ...

Scottish team warns of false data from DNA reading
SCIENTISTS are warning that advanced technologies that read long strings of DNA can return false data that could falsely indicate that someone has ...

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