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DNA Lady provides local, in office and mobile, national and international DNA Collections and testing. Paternity, Prenatal, Immigration, Infidelity, Medical Predisposition, Ancestry and all your DNA testing needs.
We are a local community business with offices throughout the state, but global in scope with access to hundreds of affiliate DNA collection sites throughout the United States and countries world wide.
A personal case manager will be assigned to you, providing all the coordination needed between all parties, no matter where they reside.
All DNA Testing samples are handled, tested, and stored according to the AABB Standards for Parentage Testing to maximize the security of the samples, preventing loss, contamination, tampering, or substitution.
Labs used have the highest industry Standards and Accreditations. We demand that to ensure your trust.
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Estate Planning with DNA Testing {Infidelity} By dnalady On 2014-08-15

Did you often look at one of your children or grand children, and think - why doesn't he or she look like anyone else in the family.  Or, worse case, every once in a while, you look and think you see your old buddy in the face of your child? 

These are real events and sad though they may be - it happens but you have a way of protecting your hard earned valuables through the use of DNA Banking.  Suppose you suspect that a child is not really yours, and for years you questioned your wife or partner who only met you with complete denial.  In order not to ruffle feathers, you became silent on the issue.  You can do a private DNA test now, with a direct DNA collection of yourself and an unusual item (toothbrush, diabetic test strip, utensils etc., ) from the individual you do not think is related to you - this would of course be a non-court admissible document but it at least removes your doubt.

Or are you the type of person, that just wants to make sure only your own offspring and true family members benefit from your hard work?  If so, in your will, you can stipulate that everyone in question undergo a DNA test to match the DNA sample you leave behind - in order to confirm a biological relationship exists.  Why should an unfaithful spouse benefit from your hard work - prenuptials are now containing DNA clauses as well - so that there are no surprises after divorce or untimely death. 

Estate planning is an essential part of securing your assets and can make a death in the family easier for loved ones to handle.  DNA Banking ensures that the deceased's estate stays in the hands of his or her true family rather than being relegated to another man's child, grandchild, etc.,   Families with doubts should enlist the help of a local DNA collector in order to include a DNA document with a will drawn up by a lawyer or financial advisor.

Estate planning and DNA testing are difficult to discuss but they are essential to maximize your assets and ensure  your end of life wishes are honored.  Your local DNA Lady can discreetly provide DNA collections at your convenience.  Call us for a discussion on what is the best type of test you should use to protect  your interests. 

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