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This Certificate is Awarded to

Mary Catherine Sullivan

in recognition of successful completion of the

AABB Relationship Sample Collection Webinar & Post-Test

The recipient of this certificate has successfully demonstrated knowledge in the Relationship Testing Standards applicable to the collection of test samples as written and established by AABB.

Certificate Issued
September 11, 2014
Sharon D. Moffett, CAE
Director, Education and Professional Development
Director, Accreditation and Quality
DNA Lady, LLC is aaBB CERTIFIED for DNA Test Collections.
DNA Lady provides local, in office and mobile, national and international DNA Testing and Collections.
We are a local community business with offices throughout the state, but global in scope with access to hundreds of affiliate DNA collection sites throughout the United States and countries world wide.
A Personal Case Manager will be assigned to you, providing all the coordination needed between all parties, no matter where they reside.
All DNA Testing samples are handled, tested, and stored according to the AABB Standards for Parentage Testing to maximize the security of the samples, preventing loss, contamination, tampering, or substitution.
Labs used have the highest industry Standards and Accreditations. We demand that to ensure your trust.
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Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures {Infidelity} By dnalady On 2015-09-14

We do live in the best of times - electronics, internet, global conversations, mixing of morals (or lack thereof) travel, education, foods galore and DNA tests at the ready.  What more could a functional person ask for in life?  With boundless opportunity at our finger tips, some people will still go to the depths of their personality for stimulation.  This is fallen humanity's tendency to disregard everything and everyone and take up activities considered self-absorbed.   A bruised ego, uncontrollable sadness, loneliness, fear, guilt or shame, inabilty to productively fill up space and time in life - all excuses of why we hit rock bottom. 

Take for instance, a woman who marries rich, has children, has a stay at home lifestyle where there is plenty of time to pursue higher education, charitable activities or perhaps start a small business - and instead she seeks out attention, affection or something from some guy who gives her a second look. (Infidelity) There is something distinctly odd about a person who needs someone else pump up their spirits by participating in the most private of all acts - sexual intimacy.  We all occasionally need a soft place to land, and as functional adults should be able to express ourselves to a partner, a friend, a family member or a therapist.  Why string along innocent by standers in your poor choices. 

Infidelity, avarice, gluttony, hubris, envy, wrath, despondency, boasting, sloth - anyone remember these points from school. Even if you went to a non-sectarian school, these human tendencies toward weakness, were pointed out to you by teachers, family, neighbors, or religious instructors.

"Don't take your school mates lunch" or "stop worrying about what your friend got on her exam"  - "stop bragging about your big varsity score" - "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" "put your allowance away for a rainy day....." - "whatsoever we do to the least of our brother" (bet not many people even understand the last one)  - where are these principles taught today?  Do we recognize these tendencies in our children and do we correct them? 

How about the man who reaches the height of success (think Bill Clinton) and still has to seek attention from women.  He's the best example of pride and ego getting in the way of life - how much more could that man have asked for in life - the President of the United States from a dysfunctional family in Podunk - he did not have the approriate foundation in life on which to build a strong family foundation.  His innocent by-standers were his wife, daughter, the women he abused and their families.  (as well as our nation)

On a daily basis, I talk to men and women whose partners have chosen the wrong path in life.  If you are married - then be married.  If you are committed then be committed.  Don't string innocent people along while you stroll down a path of self pleasure - eating, drinking, gambling, drugs, infidelity - anything that would set the course of your family in the wrong direction.  You are responsible to your partner for your actions. 

I am not on a high horse or a moral bender - but when I witness the wrecks of humans that come through the door because another human (upon which they placed their trust) makes a poor choice - I want to scream - GET REAL, GET HONEST!  Stop hurting other people with your lousy choices - GET A THERAPIST before it is too late.  Most people's self-preservation button is turned on - you will be the one left behind when the dust settles.  Why should a man or woman  be pre-occupied with thoughts of an unfaithful partner when they are working hard and doing "the right thing"? 

Is there more of this happening today - no I don't think so - I just think we talk about it more.  Think JFK - no one ever discussed his family's nonsense.  Would a Gotti be elected to the White House (knowing that family money was made on drugs) - think FDR - the Delano side.   Human tendency towards these weaknesses is not a new one but we have certainly been educated on how to deal with the problems before they happen.  Or perhaps, we are leaving the Victorian society behind us in favor of Hedonism?  Which do you prefer?


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